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May 11, 2022


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How much HHO is too much?

This is a common question regarding HHO kits. For years, the standard response seemed to all point to someone's conclusion that too much HHO actually makes you lose mileage, so you only need .5 to 1 liter max.
I'm not sure who actually decided this, but I'm pretty sure it was to offer an excuse for their poorly performing kits.
We found during real world testing in Brazil, that the OPPOSITE is true, IF you know what you are doing.

Case in point: 

Geo Labs Bus with dual core 884 commercial HHO kit installed for testing.

One of our tests in Goiania, Brazil, was a 2015 commercial diesel bus with a Euro5 engine (cleanest running diesel available). We were granted access to install and test a commercial unit. We initially inquired as to the size of the engine and were told it was a 14 liter diesel, so we brought our dual core commercial unit (with 2- 884 generators and custom built manifold, smart controller, larger reservoir and 4 levels of filtration). As we were finishing the installation, we found out it was actual only a 6.4 liter diesel engine – way smaller than we were anticipating, really only needed a single 884 unit. But we almost done, so we finished installation and started 2 days of testing. Same amps as other units- 18-20 amps.

When we were done, we had achieved 45% increase in the most efficient, EURO5 engine in Brazil.

So much for the idea of too much HHO being wasted. More on this later...

We will soon be making these available on our site as well - make sure to sign up to get notified if interested: HHOkitsdirect.com

May 05, 2022


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Huge Success with our Commercial grade HHO kits in Brazil!

I never shared with our customers and large subscriber list that we were developing and testing commercial units as well as improving current kits and adjustment procedures. Mostly because we were negotiating major deals that took a long time after I got back, and I had to keep quiet.
I was in Brazil for 4 weeks total in Southern Brazil- Goiania. 
The first week or so was plagued with one problem after another and spotty results as we were testing on big rigs (real world testing with benchmarks and identical routes and fuel). I couldn't figure out why we'd just be getting results, and suddenly they would disappear, or drop. Some trucks we'd get nothing. It was very frustrating because our testing in the States showed consistent improvements.
But I noticed every time we'd get good results, the driver (who was also our mechanic) would need to pull off for a break or bathroom. I noticed he was making phone calls every time. I talked to our interpreter (owner of the company wanting to import our kits) about it. He and his partner who were riding along (he was a former trucker of 40 years himself), started watching the driver more closely. Every time after the phone calls, he would start driving differently, punching the pedal to the floor, over accelerating, and things a normal driver would not do. 

Later that night when we got back to the hotel, they confronted him about it. And after some very heated conversations in Portuguese, he stomped off. It turns out he admitted to sabotaging the testing cycles. Every time we got results, he was calling another investor who was going to import competitive kits! He would share what adjustments we had made to get the improvements, then sabotage the remaining cycle by extremely bad driving habits. 
He also used the wrong wires off a couple of sensors, so our tuners were not working properly.

They fired him immediately, and I personally became the mechanic, and let no one else touch anything. We got a new driver with no nefarious connections, and suddenly things turned around like you wouldn't' believe!

To be cont'd...

May 04, 2022


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Do you have any commercial HHO systems with results?

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes these last few years before Covid. We spent a great deal of time and money developing commercial trucking and bus units that could endure the rigors of the road without failing. I will be posting more about that in upcoming posts ( the final results were amazing!).

People have asked why they aren't on the website? Simple. Almost everything successful that we developed over the years was quickly copied or knocked off by our competitors. I spent years developing, installing, actually riding with the truckers, getting feedback, and revising the systems. Remember- anyone can make a cheap kit, pour a ton of current through it to make an overhyped result, then try to sell you the kit, without ever actually installing one themselves. 

I had people constantly willing to pay me for my systems, but I refused, for years. Because they needed to be tested and perfected first. And what someone who just wants a quick buck doesn't understand or care about, is that what works on a bench in your garage doesn't usually last in real world trucking industry. I'd test and test in the shop, then install it, and within a week leaks would develop, or it wasn't giving the results. Then I'd remove it, fix it, and try again. Over and over...

The basis for all our commercial systems is the 884 generator - two of them actually. and a whole lot more...

to be continued...

May 02, 2022


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Finally back up and running!

After being shut down by covid and losing our key plastics manufacturer who also shut down permanently from covid19, we are finally negotiating with a new manufacturer who has the capabilities to work with our unique and complicated molds. 
Our prior mfg had the molds made for his older machines, but that made them unusable on anyone else's more modern injection molding machines (unbeknown to us!). He essentially told us- sorry- you wont be able to find anyone else in the US to make your product, since the only machine that could do it is now scrapped.
That would of been nice to know before we spent over $$$ having the molds made. Basically the molds were useless...according to him.
We got the same news from many of the manufacturers that we met with recently as well. But we persisted, and after almost 100 calls/emails we have found someone with the right machines, enabling us to begin supplying our customers with our advanced fuel saving hydrogen generators once again!
Keep checking back for updates - coming soon!
January 25, 2017


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Free PWM for your HHO kit

It's been a brutal winter for many here in the United States. With the brutal weather comes the danger of the water freezing in your reservoir, which voids the warranty. To prevent freezing of your HHO kit, it is important to ensure it has sufficient electrolyte in the system.

In fact, with proper levels and concentration, you can use your kit all year round in most areas. However, when you add higher levels of electrolyte, your kit will quickly overheat and blow the fuse. This is because electrolyte is what allows the current to flow in your HHO generator (without it, the water would act like an insulator). The more electrolyte, the more current. Too much electrolyte, and it would act like a dead short - blowing the fuse instantly, unless you control it.

That's the reason for the PWM (Pulse Width Modulator), which simply allows you to control the amps from 0 up to 40 amps (ours typically work best in the 25-28 amp range). 

For a limited time, we are including a FREE PWM in every complete kit!

No need to enter a code or anything- just purchase the kit before the sale ends, and we will automatically add it to your kit!

Now you can get our 8 day email Expert Course on HHO in ONE Book

If you are thinking of signing up for the 8 day Expert Course on Hydrogen and HHO kits, but want to speed up your learning curve, we have now compiled it into a 32 Page book, added tons of photos, a full extra chapter, and lots of internal links to make it east to find what you are learning about!

Get it HERE today for a limited time only!

How To Build Your Own HHO Generator?

Have you wanted to know the inside secrets on how to build your own HHO Generator?Have you wanted a deeper understanding of how hho works and how it is installed? Get our Top Seller sold around the world for over 8 years, and get it here now at HALF PRICE!

Many of our customers are not aware that we began this venture in 2008 when we debuted our first book online that taught people how to Build Their Own HHO Generator and install it in their vehicle. There were only a few poorly written books back then, so I took 3 months and put this together for those that were handy with their hands and wanted to build their own. 

In fact, in the beginning, I didn't even believe the technology worked. There were varied results, lots of experts and naysayers claiming it couldn't work. I decided it was worth my time to test it. The first endeavor was a simple wet cell, made from parts available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and online. I put it into a work vehicle I owned (2008 3/4 ton Chevy Express Van), and amazingly went from 10 mpg to 14 mpg (a 40% increase!). Needless to say this blew me away. It was saving me over $250 a month in fuel out of a $600 a month bill, using .99 cents in distilled water.

I wrote this ebook to teach others the basics on hydrogen technology, why it works, and how to build and install one in your vehicle. It quickly became a Best Seller on Clickbank at $67 (with 7 bonus books included), and won us a Top Vendor Award in 2009, and Premier Vendor Award in 2010. 

The thousands of people buying the book were enthusiastic and very complimentary to say the least. I began putting the profits into more research and development. In the meantime, dozens of readers kept emailing us asking if we would please build them one. I wasn't a manufacturer, just a fellow experimenter in the garage, and refused for months. But the non stop requests finally convinced me to start building a few by hand. They were crude, but better than any home made HHO Generators available at that time. I couldn't build them fast enough, so we hired help, and increased production.

One thing led to another, and we introduced the breakthrough Hybrid HHO Generator in 2009 to a sell out crowd which was soon copied by our competitors everywhere. Then two years ago we stepped up our game and invested $300,000 to introduce the most advanced HHO generator kits available in the world, which you see on our site now.

Many people still love downloading our original book that started the revolution. I have now placed it directly on our site for HALF PRICE of its long time running price of $67.
So if you are handy with your hands, have spare time and love to experiment, you will want this great primer. Get it for a limited time at half off here.