Do you have any commercial HHO systems with results?

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes these last few years before Covid. We spent a great deal of time and money developing commercial trucking and bus units that could endure the rigors of the road without failing. I will be posting more about that in upcoming posts ( the final results were amazing!).

People have asked why they aren't on the website? Simple. Almost everything successful that we developed over the years was quickly copied or knocked off by our competitors. I spent years developing, installing, actually riding with the truckers, getting feedback, and revising the systems. Remember- anyone can make a cheap kit, pour a ton of current through it to make an overhyped result, then try to sell you the kit, without ever actually installing one themselves. 

I had people constantly willing to pay me for my systems, but I refused, for years. Because they needed to be tested and perfected first. And what someone who just wants a quick buck doesn't understand or care about, is that what works on a bench in your garage doesn't usually last in real world trucking industry. I'd test and test in the shop, then install it, and within a week leaks would develop, or it wasn't giving the results. Then I'd remove it, fix it, and try again. Over and over...

The basis for all our commercial systems is the 884 generator - two of them actually. and a whole lot more...

to be continued...

Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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