We typically use US Postal Service (USPS) for our International Shipments, and both USPS and FEDEX Ground  for our Domestic shipments. USPS ( is much cheaper than others, however, be aware that their tracking is not as good. Though orders may ship immediately, usps may not show any progress for several days. Sorry- but in order to save our customers over $100+ per kit with international shipping costs, that is the toss up. IF you have any questions about delivery date on your package once you have received a tracking number from us, then please contact the USPS office directly. You can find the contact info here:

If we send out a package whether domestically or internationally, and it is returned for any reason such as undeliverable or rejected, or not picked up, or any other reason, we will not resend the package until customer pays for shipping to have it returned.

Once shipped (both overseas and domestically), all we can do is give a tracking number for you to check on package delivery schedule. If their tracking shows it is delivered or attempted delivery to you- you must contact them on behalf of the package- we cannot do it.

On International orders: Transitional Technologies, LLC does everything in its power to make sure packages are shipped to address provided at time of order. Sometimes the International orders are routed through various customs agencies, that require recipient to personally come down and claim the package. If your tracking number shows it is in customs- you will need to contact them and schedule a pickup- we are unable to do that on our end.

Transitional Technologies, LLC is not responsible for any Customs/Import taxes, fees, or duties which are the sole responsibility of the recipient of the package. Do not ask us to give false information on customs claims- we will not do it. If you want someone to lie- go buy your kit elsewhere, that is not how we do business.

Transitional Technologies, LLC and are not responsible for packages once they leave the shores of the US. Though we make every attempt to get them out promptly, once the packages are in international air space they can be subject to delays in travel, and customs in respective countries. We are not responsible for customs or tariffs or import duties, but each is the responsibility of the respective customer.

If the customer asks us to send a package to a proxy address in the US or another country, to be forwarded from there, we are not responsible for the package once it reaches the shipping address indicated at the time of the order. If the proxy address does not forward package or loses it or is subject to delays, we have no control and are not liable or responsible.

*Shipping Costs are NOT refundable or reimbursed under any circumstances, unless we make a mistake on your order. There is a 15% restocking fee for any returned kit. Refunds are subject to our individual approval after the said 30 day period, and Transitional Technologies, LLC reserves the right to deny refunds on any or all kits purchased after the 30 day period expires. Transitional Technologies, LLC is under no obligation to accept returns after the 30 day grace period.