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Bob Volk- Founder of Transitional TechnologiesIf you are not familiar with this relatively new Niche in the alternative energy sector, we welcome you to browse our site, look at our advanced line of products, and familiarize yourself with this new and cutting edge niche that can help you save fuel, while also lowering emissions and adding more pep to your existing engine. And all you have to do is add water!

Transitional Technologies, LLC was founded in 2008 as a company involved with disruptive technology, not widely accepted by the mainstream (similar to wind and solar power just a few decades ago). Our main area of expertise is focused on advancing a particular form of clean burning Hydrogen-Oxygen gas commonly referred to as "Brown's Gas" or HHO gas (HHO gas being the most widely used term today). The HHO generator kits we sell, are "do it yourself" kits that include an assembled generator, water reservoir, and filter, as well as all the parts necessary to install and run it in your vehicle. 

The gas, made by our HHO generators, is simply drawn into your air filter, where it mixes with the normal air and fuel as it enters the engine. The ultra clean hydrogen and pure oxygen cause the fuel to burn faster and cleaner, acting as a combustion catalyst. The result is nothing short of amazing- an average 20-50% increase in fuel mileage, and 50-85% reduction in emissions; using just water.

Who Are We And How Did We Get Here?

When I first began researching this in mid 2007, early 2008, I really did not believe the technology could work as claimed. The few books on the net were very poorly written, repetitive, and somewhat inconclusive. Naysayers and finger pointing experts were everywhere. I set about researching, building and testing my own version for a 3/4 ton van which I owned in another business. I documented and made short videos of my trials and errors, and eventually put it all together in a package that quickly became a best seller (and stills sells today at a reduced price on our site here.

HHO Generator Version 1.0

Our First crudely handmade prototype hho generatorThe first unit I built was very crude, made from hardware store items and plumbing supplies for a meager investment of about $200.

As you can see - it looked like a messy science experiment. The amazing thing was - IT WORKED! With a few liters of distilled water, a little electrolyte and a bubbler/filter, the darn thing gave me a full 40% increase in my van mileage, using the spare energy available from the alternator (saving me over $250 a month in fuel costs).

I was hooked. I put the ebook together, along with videos teaching people how they could make their own! Hundreds of excited people that bought the book and video series, wanted me to build one for them, but I resisted a long time. I didn't want to manufacture; but the requests would not stop, so I decided in 2008 to begin building a few in my garage.

HHO Generator Version 2.0

Our second generation hho kitI quickly realized a need to improve the systems - so we evolved to version 2.0 which is shown here. The platinum and platinum shorty quickly rose to best sellers, but still required a lot of work to make by hand. Every penny went back into more R&D and prototyping. We hired people to help in the garage, and the neighbors were very patient as 40' trucks dropped pallets of material off at our driveway...

The new designs fit better and were easier to install and were a huge improvement over the plumbing pipes. But everything had to be machined with tight tolerances to prevent leaks, which turned out to be more of a challenge than I realized. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule and it can pass through a one micron size hole with ease. But we got pretty good at putting together reliable hho kits. Remember, there were only about three companies at that time among us, making these in our garage; there were no manufacturers or parameters to go by. I realized that if we were to meet the demand, I needed an improved version that was unique, reliable, and easy to manufacture and scale up. So I set to work on building and testing hundreds of different designs, assemblies, parts, etc, until I was confident we had a winner. The next generation hydrogen generators were getting ready to debut to the world. 


The Hybrid Cell HHO Generator Version 3.0

Hybrid Cell HHO kit generation 3.0By late 2009 we were finally ready to introduce our first patent pending Hybrid Cell which would reshape the industry. No one had the improvements we developed, and we set the bar higher for a more professional grade system. After a lot of testing (on the bench and in a test car) - we introduced the 77 Series Hybrid Cell. 

We were not sure how it would be accepted, but we jumped in with both feet, and it took all our savings from the hand built units to order enough parts for 100 generators - it was a scary move for us. I was hoping we'd sell at least 20 or 30 to break even...Well, our fears were not realized and in just one weekend we had sold out, and had to double our order to the manufacturers. That thrust us forward with great speed, and we have never looked back. The Hybrid Cells raised the bar for the on demand hydrogen industry, and we quickly saw our competitors trying to mimic our design and start using the name "Hybrid Cell", which we the first to introduce. 


THE 800 SERIES HHO Generator Version 4.0

Our Advanced 800 series HHO kitsWe reinvested the money from sales of the new hot selling kits into even more R&D, engineering, 3-D models, prototyping, etc, until we came up with the version 4.0 which we introduced in May of 2014, to a sell out crowd. It took us 2 years and several large personal loans to pay for the new molds,  inventory, engineering and design work, patent filings, shop equipment, assembly and shipping equipment, larger facilities, etc. to introduce the most advanced cells on the market today - the 800 Series. There are so many innovations (inside and out) that I cannot get into them here. 

In just six years, we have gone from a few crudely made generators, to production quality, advanced hydrogen generators that set the bar higher than it has ever before been set in this industry. We are now building and testing industrial models, commercial grade systems and more, and send about 30% of our kits all over the world.

 Our NEW H2XTRME HHO Generator version 5.0    

Medium size H2XTRME HHO generator

We have once again set the bar even higher by taking everything we learned since the 800 series introduction, and integrating even more innovation and engineering into our 5th generation series we call the H2XTRME HHO kit. 
We eliminated all gaskets, all stainless steel bolts and fastening systems, and engineered a very intricate and complex interior design that has patents pending. The container is thick, heavy duty plastic that is chemically welded (not glued) at the joints to create a solid box, like a heavy duty advanced battery box, sealed completely against leaks, and only having two connection terminals that are sealed with military grade sealing nuts to prevent leakage. 
The internals give us 30% greater plate area for more hho gas production, and double the flow rate through uniquely designed flow channels. And we have reduce the number of hose connections to only 2, making it faster and easier to install and effortless to maintain. 

There are a lot of exciting things coming which I cannot discuss yet, but if you do some research, you will see that no one in this industry has spent so much time innovating and improving generators. Most are still selling the same old dry cell technology from 8 years ago...

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