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Several years ago, we traveled to Bryan, OH to meet up with one of our plastics suppliers, and didn't know she had set up a meeting with a local reporter. We got back from lunch and there she was, waiting for us.

She was an older lady, well dressed. She interviewed me for about an hour, taking notes. It was cool to have the opportunity, but I didn't expect too much...since this is mostly a men's product and when I try to talk to most women about it, their eyes glaze over...haha (Shanna, our office manager, is the exception to that, by the way. She knows more about this tech than most men who call in).

Front Page article in the Bryant Times about our HHO kitsAt any rate, this reporter was very polite, asking lots of questions, jotting down notes on a pad. We finished the interview, I thanked her and we got on the road to drive a couple hours back to where we were staying.The next day, we were on the road, driving to the airport in Cincinnati, OH, when my cell phone rang: it was the reporter.

She had a few more questions and wanted to get my approval for the article. I told her I was on the way to the airport, so she read it to me over the phone! I was blown away, to be honest. Most reporters do a horrible job researching this tech, but her article sounded terrific. I gave her my approval, and then had to hang up as we pulled into the airport.

A few days later I get an email from the CEO of the plastics company, asking if I had seen the article? She sent me a link and to my amazement, it ended up being a huge FRONT Page article on our systems! WOW! I don't think I quit floating for about a week...Below are a couple more photos I took of the actual paper she kindly sent me. You can see my wife and I in the picture along with the CEO of Airmate and the Shop Supervisor. A really fun day as we got a full tour of the factory that her Dad actually started and she used to wander the floors as a girl. Later she bought the business from him. 


On Saturday April 13, 2013 I was invited to be a guest on a major CBS affiliate station broadcast throughout Minnesota;- on WCCO 830 am. In all our years of being involved in this arena, not one person has EVER done a full hour radio show interview, EVER. We were excited to be the first!

Until now, has there been such a fantastic opportunity to do an informative, educational radio show interview on this subject of Hydrogen Generators, and how we can use them to increase our MPG! We are honored to be the First to break through into the major media like this, with hopefully more to come.

The show was the Centsible Energy Hour hosted by Radio professionals, Mike Rogers and Mike Woodley (every Saturday - 12 noon to 1 pm). Their unique show is tailored to energy concious listeners. They discuss the energy sector from a very practical and pragmatic point of view, which I really appreciate. They interview people involved in the different energy related sectors including solar, wind, and others and ask things like: "Does it work? Can it be applied now? Is it expensive? What kind of savings can it bring the consumer? They cover these and more when examining the current breakthrough technologies of the day, and they do it with professionalism and class. If you are interested in new technologies- you need to listen in on Saturdays, or check out their podcasts at the link above. The Centsible Energy Hour was broadcast through the 50,000 watt powerhouse station WCCO (, which covers the entire State of Minnesota, some of North/South Dakota, Northern parts of Iowa, and western Wisconsin. It is no small station, and is the major news outlet for all major news happening in the State of MN.

To be invited to speak about the "on demand" Hydrogen technology, its use in vehicles, the recent advances, the challenges we must overcome, and where the industry is headed, was a great honor and very exciting to say the least. We have been involved in every aspect of this technology since our founding in 2008 and even before that, when there were only a tiny handful of garage inventors just beginning to manufacture their own versions of hho kits. Now, thanks to the internet, YouTube, and the ability to share the technology around the world, interest in the subject has exploded around the world. Because of all the inventors and engineers building and experimenting, A lot of advances have happened in the last 4 or 5 years and I can assure you, more are on the way.

The show was a great success and we had many who called in and even texted questions wanting to find out more. The full one hour show flew by, and according to the producers could have easily been a two hour show with the interest.


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