Warranty Policies

Warranty Policies

Below is our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please read carefully before purchasing our products.

Lifetime WARRANTY on the H2XTRME series!


The H2XTRME Series Generator comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.

Warranty Information: 

HHOKitsDirect.com warrant to the original purchaser that we will correct any defects in material or workmanship by either repair or replacement at our discretion of an open box H2XTRME series HHO Generator (Hereafter referred to as “Generator”) of the same type based on the prorated schedule for the material, provided the customer prepays shipping to and from the shipper. This warranty lasts for the expected warranty, listed above, of the product starting on the purchase date. 

Claim Warranty:
If you believe there is a defect with your Generator, please contact us via our support email immediately and include what is wrong with your Generator.



Why you should not mount a Generator inside the cab area:
You should never install a Generator, reservoir, hoses, or electrical wiring inside an area where passengers will be sitting. While all precautions have been taken in engineering a safe and reliable hydrogen generation system, hydrogen and Oxygen are gases that must be handled with proper safety protocols, and are explosive. As such, any spark, flame, or open source of heat like a cigarette, lighters, matches could ignite it and cause a dangerous explosion, which can easily be contained under the hood of a car, but could be dangerous inside the cab.


Why you should not Bypass Safety Protocols:

The safety protocols included with your Generator and kit, and outlined in the Installation Manual are there for your safety and to insure the safe operation of the system. Bypassing those protocols could allow the generator to continue producing gas, even when engine is turned off. This could drain your battery quickly, and fill your engine with hydrogen, which could damage it when you attempt to restart the engine.

We do NOT warranty the additional parts and accessories we include in our kits- they are covered by their own manufacturers' warranty. If one of the parts is found missing or damaged upon initial inspection of your kit, notify us immediately and we will gladly replace it, however some of the accessories we provide in our kits cannot be returned once installed, therefore we cannot replace or warranty another manufacturers product such as the EFIE, AMP GAUGE or PWM once they have been used or installed. Replacement for any electronic device is at the discretion of Transitional Technologies, LLC.

Warranty does not cover incorrectly installed generators and/or parts or generators and/or parts that are installed too close to exhaust manifolds or hot engine parts that result in the melting or deformation of said parts or generators. Warranty does not cover damage due to theft, neglect, abuse, freezing, or accidents resulting in damage to the generator or parts.

If you suspect there is a problem Before installing it- email or call us for a replacement immediately. The part will be inspected and if determined it is a manufacturers defect, we will send it back to our supplier and send you a new one. Any evidence of solder melting, abuse, or parts burned due to over- current or over- voltage conditions constitutes misuse and will void the manufacturers warranty - we will not be able to send a free replacement.

Because we have no control over the concentration of electrolyte or the amount of current a customer puts into our hydrogen units, nor can we control the quality of the installation, we will not warranty against misuse or abuse including but not limited to; electrolyte strength/dilution, choice of electrolyte, over-current or non-regulated current that results in melting of the plastic caps, gaskets or body, over voltage (more than unit is designed for), customer modifications, and/or using the generator in a way it was not designed to be used. Poor quality or sub-standard installations are not covered in warranty.

We do NOT warranty or reimburse you for any modifications done to your vehicle as a result of the installation of our hydrogen generators, nor do we warrant any damage to said vehicle, engine, person(s), or property as a result of direct or indirect use of our generators whether installed in a vehicle or not. This is a do-it-yourself type product and as such we cannot control nor warranty the cost of installation or additional parts needed to install our units and/or accessories. If you hire a mechanic or friend to help you install it, it is at your own risk and will not be reimbursed by hhokitsdirect.com, hybridwaterpower.com, or our parent company Transitional Technologies, LLC.

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