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 Welcome Affiliates and Dealers! 

Earn TOP Money By Referring Us To Friends, Family, and Business Associates as well as your own customers!

Get Top commissions for our Extremely Popular HHO Generator Kits, Parts and Supplies...

Earn a 15% commission as you sell our totally unique, Patent Pending Next Generation Ultra Slim 800 Series HHO Generators, kits and parts.

Extremely low return rate of kits - many return customers!

Robust kits are designed to fit more cars than other dry cell and wet cell designs available today, anywhere in the world!


Great Tech Support
Best Illustrated Installation manual
Fantastic mileage increases (see testimonies)
Dependable, easy to install kits complete with everything needed.
Most Advanced HHO Kits Available anywhere!

How Does It Work?

Sign up for free by clicking on the link above. Once you are signed up and registered, you will be ready to go.

We will assign you a special affiliate link that you will need to use in all your marketing efforts - if you do not use the link, we cannot track your commissions, so it's important to use your link we give you in all ads, banners, emails, etc. When the referral clicks on your link, we track their purchases and your commission! You must use your affiliate link to get your commissions, or we have no way of tracking.

Is There A Minimum?

Yes! We do not pay out commissions that amount to less than $50. Once your account accumulates $50 or more in commissions, you will be in the queue to receive a payment from us on the next payment cycle.

We pay commission balances once a month, on or near the 30th.

HOWEVER, we may Opt to delay the commission Payout for the Following MONTH, if you are in a foreign country outside the USA, if there are questionable sales sent through your link, or if we suspect fraud, etc.  You can view your referral, sales and commission history at any time using the links on your home page when you log into your account.

Please note: Commissions earned will be sent to the Paypal email address listed on your sign up page. No payments are made without Paypal account, required at sign up. We pay regularly every month, and you will get an email notification that you have received a payment in your Paypal account. You must have a Paypal account to be paid as an affiliate.

How Do I Know When I Get A Sale?

We automatically email you every time someone you referred to us buys something.


If you want to be a dealer instead of an Affiliate, contact us and we will discuss your options. We are now assigning countries to exclusive contracts/Distributors, but we have very high standards with that. 

As an installer, you face the biggest challenges making things fit. We are working on ways to shrink our generators and yet keep them efficient, as well as make them easy for you to install. Your feedback is important to us- if you see an area we can improve upon, or if you come across a tool or piece of equipment that makes for a better product- send us an email and we'll We'll check it out. If we like it, we'll do everything we can to start stocking it for you.