How To Install an HHO Kit - YouTube Videos

We have begun uploading a fully detailed series of youtube videos that detail the entire process of installing an HHO kit into a car, truck, SUV, and more. We are using our 800 series advanced design hho generators, but the process will be similar for generic and less advanced dry cells. We introduced the uniquely engineered hho generators after 2 years of design and testing, and raised over $260,000 for new molds, dies, inventory, machinery and operations. 

We saw a need to put these training videos together since there is so little information of the actual process. There are many thousands on YouTube showing various designs and tests and experiments (though most of them we wouldn't recommend actually installing in a vehicle), but no step by step, well organized series of videos of the installation process. 

So now seemed like a good time to begin teaching people how to properly install an hho kit safely, to get the best results.

The purpose of these videos is not to prove whether or not "on demand hydrogen" technology works, that has long been settled, with more and more proof continuing to back it up every month. Rather, these are to try to help people understand HOW to install the hho kits properly, so they can have a good example, and bolster the industry to continue making headway into this new technology.