Huge Success with our Commercial grade HHO kits in Brazil!

I never shared with our customers and large subscriber list that we were developing and testing commercial units as well as improving current kits and adjustment procedures. Mostly because we were negotiating major deals that took a long time after I got back, and I had to keep quiet.
I was in Brazil for 4 weeks total in Southern Brazil- Goiania. 
The first week or so was plagued with one problem after another and spotty results as we were testing on big rigs (real world testing with benchmarks and identical routes and fuel). I couldn't figure out why we'd just be getting results, and suddenly they would disappear, or drop. Some trucks we'd get nothing. It was very frustrating because our testing in the States showed consistent improvements.
But I noticed every time we'd get good results, the driver (who was also our mechanic) would need to pull off for a break or bathroom. I noticed he was making phone calls every time. I talked to our interpreter (owner of the company wanting to import our kits) about it. He and his partner who were riding along (he was a former trucker of 40 years himself), started watching the driver more closely. Every time after the phone calls, he would start driving differently, punching the pedal to the floor, over accelerating, and things a normal driver would not do. 

Later that night when we got back to the hotel, they confronted him about it. And after some very heated conversations in Portuguese, he stomped off. It turns out he admitted to sabotaging the testing cycles. Every time we got results, he was calling another investor who was going to import competitive kits! He would share what adjustments we had made to get the improvements, then sabotage the remaining cycle by extremely bad driving habits. 
He also used the wrong wires off a couple of sensors, so our tuners were not working properly.

They fired him immediately, and I personally became the mechanic, and let no one else touch anything. We got a new driver with no nefarious connections, and suddenly things turned around like you wouldn't' believe!

To be cont'd...

Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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