How can I save money on my gas bill? The high prices are killing me!

This is probably one of the most asked questions here and around the world right now. People are looking for anyway to cut their gas bill down so they don't have to choose between going to work, or paying their bills. Out here in northern California (east of San Francisco/Bay Area), gas is again over $6.00 a gallon. It costs over $100 for me to fill my Toyota Tundra when it gets below a 1/4 of a tank. I hate it...
That's why I have been working 12 hour days, 6 days a week since April, developing, engineering, prototyping, patenting, and manufacturing a new line of HHO generators. We have crammed a year and a half development into just 6 months, to get an even more efficient, easier to maintain, faster to install hho kit for our customers who desperately need to save money.
Our kits are advertised to save you 20-50%, but in reality, most customers are in the 40-50% range or better. What does 50% increase mean to YOU?
It means that if you normally get 300 miles to a tank of gas, you can now get 450 miles to a tank.
That's as good as or better than a hybrid! And hybrid vehicles cost $8000+ or more above the normal cost of a car. Our kits start at only $600...

Check out the results of some of our customers: HHO kits Mileage results
And, once they are installed, and adjusted, you only have to top off the reservoir from time to time with water (1/2 liter a week or more depending on driving habits). 
So after the initial investment into a kit, the only cost you have in going from 300 miles a tank to 450 miles a tank, is a few bucks for distilled water. 
That's a win win in my book. 
Keep checking back because I will be installing the new H2XTRME into my Toyota Tundra....

Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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