How much HHO is too much?

This is a common question regarding HHO kits. For years, the standard response seemed to all point to someone's conclusion that too much HHO actually makes you lose mileage, so you only need .5 to 1 liter max.
I'm not sure who actually decided this, but I'm pretty sure it was to offer an excuse for their poorly performing kits.
We found during real world testing in Brazil, that the OPPOSITE is true, IF you know what you are doing.

Case in point: 

Geo Labs Bus with dual core 884 commercial HHO kit installed for testing.

One of our tests in Goiania, Brazil, was a 2015 commercial diesel bus with a Euro5 engine (cleanest running diesel available). We were granted access to install and test a commercial unit. We initially inquired as to the size of the engine and were told it was a 14 liter diesel, so we brought our dual core commercial unit (with 2- 884 generators and custom built manifold, smart controller, larger reservoir and 4 levels of filtration). As we were finishing the installation, we found out it was actual only a 6.4 liter diesel engine – way smaller than we were anticipating, really only needed a single 884 unit. But we almost done, so we finished installation and started 2 days of testing. Same amps as other units- 18-20 amps.

When we were done, we had achieved 45% increase in the most efficient, EURO5 engine in Brazil.

So much for the idea of too much HHO being wasted. More on this later...

We will soon be making these available on our site as well - make sure to sign up to get notified if interested:

Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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June 13, 2022

@Kelvin K Yaw
Kelvin – I don’t think one 884 is enough for that size engine (18000 cc), hauling 45 tons. When I was in Australia, we tested one 884 on a Freightliner truck with a 12000 cc engine, hauling 40 tons as a test. We drove up a mountain range north of Mackay, and back down again. I rode with the driver and asked questions throughout the test. He noticed that he had “more pedal” (more power), the engine was running quieter than it ever had, and that usually pulling that load up that mountain, he would lose RPM’s even with pedal to the metal. But with HHO, he had pedal room left, and never dropped RPMs which amazed him.
When we returned to Mackay, we filled up and calculated results.
With one 884, hauling 40 tons of steel on a flatbed, we still got him a 20% increase which blew them all away.
On the bus we tested in Brazil- we had our dual unit 884, with smart controller running at 24 volts/18-20 amps. That gave us the 45% increase (with diesel tuner of course).

Kelvin K yaw
Kelvin K yaw

June 13, 2022

So can we setup 18000cc (13 Liter diesel Trucks, with 45 tons loading ) truck ‘ll set up 1-884 cell enough??
Amp draw 27 V @ 24 to 26 Amp. long time.

Can we 45% fuel saving???

Myanmar 🇲🇲
11 June 2022

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