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The 881 HHO kit for small cars and trucks
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The "882" HHO Generator Kit
The "882" HHO Generator Kit from $ 497.00 $ 798.00
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The 883 hho kit for large cars and trucks
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Our 884 HHO kit for larger trucks, RV's, Campers and Big Rigs
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Hydrogen is the most abundant, clean burning, renewable fuel available, making up approximately 75% of the universe, and is the key to a future of sustainable motoring. Our Hydrogen Generators use just water and electricity to create hydrogen-oxygen gases (known as HHO gas), which are filtered and injected into the air intake of a vehicle. These gases then mix and burn along with the gasoline or diesel fuel inside the engine, acting as a "combustion catalyst", (increasing the efficiency of the engine); resulting in better mileage (average 20-50% increase), more responsive throttle, and reduced emissions. For less than a couple of car payments, you can convert your car into an eco-friendly, gas-sipping hybrid that uses clean burning hydrogen made from water...read more here to understand this technology



"I Purchased an HHO Kit from you back in March 2011, installed it into a 1988 Holden Commodore with a V6 3.8 litre GM motor...I replaced the standard spark plugs for "Brisk Premium" plugs... running sweet since. Averaged around 6 to 7 litres per 100 km down from around 15. The price of fuel (92 octane) yesterday was $1.53 per litre. Do the math!"

"We just completed our first test on the H2 Hummer. We are proud to report that our first test is complete and we ran 567 miles and we got 19.6 MPG exactly (up from 7-9 mpg). We are unaware of any H2 getting better MPG. No failures and no warning lights. Woo Hoo. We'll test more and keep you posted." - Rick

" Hi Bob,just returned from my trip to Calgary and area.I did 1548.55 miles and used 42.1 gallons of gas,in my reckoning I got 36.78 mpg (up from 22 mpg). I am very happy with the result.As you know most of the trip was in the mountains climbing over 6000 feet at one point,even had the a/c on for part of the trip....Talk later- Roger Taylor"

Mileage Results Chart

If you research competitors sites, all you will see are a few generic or poorly detailed testimonials. We decided that the industry needed more comprehensive details so we asked our customers that emailed us, to verify and clarify. This chart is compiled from their information to us. To see the whole chart, Click Here:

HHO mileage results chart

HHO, Hydrogen, and Alt Energy News

Happy 4th of July!

July 04, 2015

Our offices are closed this weekend as our staff spends the weekend celebrating America's Independence Day with their friends and family! We will do our traditional LOUD explosions using one of our hho kits and some plastic bottles...LOL We wish you all a great day and have a safe weekend! Bob

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What is An EFIE and Do I Need One With My HHO Kit?

July 02, 2015

This question is one of the most argued points when it comes to HHO generator kits on vehicles, so I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and address the issue. What Is An EFIE? An EFIE stands for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer, and it was really invented back many years ago by a man named George Wiseman, who then shared it with the world to use as necessary to help cars with fuel injection work well with HHO boosters. The file was quickly shared all over the internet and became the standard for most EFIE's still in use today, though they have been vastly improved, and operate smarter (like in our advanced EFIE designs). Why Are...

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What Is a PWM and Do I Really Need One?

June 26, 2015

The PWM is used to dial in a more precise amperage of an HHO kit. It allows more experimenting for the best results of each vehicle. For instance: we have had some cars get just as good mileage increase at 18 amps, as they do at 30 amps. So by settling at around 18 amps, the mileage increase was there, Plus, the kit used half of the water as normal, from the reservoir, extending times between refills. This doesn’t always happen...sometimes a car responds better at 25 or 28 amps. The only way to really dial it in, is to test around a little. The PWM allows this tuning capability. When you initially set up an HHO kit, you  dial in...

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Liters Per Minute (LPM) Measurements for HHO generators

June 23, 2015

How Many Liters Per Minute? When we first began 7 years ago, there were no standards for measuring HHO gas production from a generator (still are no standards today). There were various methods tried from plastic bottles in a bucket of water, to gas/air flow meters, to highly expensive hydrogen meters that no one could afford. One mfg used such a complicated method of measurement, that no one would ever be able to compare test results (he claimed his was absolutely the most efficient units on the market). Ridiculous.  The upside down plastic bottle in a tank of water was and is most commonly used, but is not accurate and can have so many variables as to make it unreliable. One...

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