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Finally set up a new YouTube channel

After years of hosting on another channel due to youtube problems years ago, we have finally started our own channel and uploaded some of our most popular videos using our 77 series hho kits. We will be uploading new videos in the near future with our 800 series hho generator kits

You can see it here if interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMgEDWPjlH1JIb_qRmfkKg/feed

Talk later,



May 20, 2015


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Hoping to Launch by Memorial Day

We are very close to launching now...

If we get it finished and uploaded in time- I will email the list to let everyone know about a Memorial Weekend Sale. 

If not- it will be the following week.


May 06, 2015

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HHO Kits Direct has updated and upgraded!

Welcome to our new Responsive Website! It was long overdue and time to modernize with a site that automatically adjusts to your device- whether you are viewing on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone!

We have updated all our inventory to reflect only our newest and most popular products, which you can find by simply clicking on the "Products" link, where you can see an overview of the 4 different size HHO kits we sell, as well as electronic controllers, reservoirs, filters, and misc parts. Simply click on the HHO kit, or part you are interested in to go to that product page for more information, and to purchase.

I am going to try and regularly Blog again as well- 

If you have subjects or topics you'd like me to cover - let me know!



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