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June 22, 2015


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Samsung Truck prototype

This is a cool idea Samsung is testing. Add a wireless video on the front of the truck, and have flat panels in back so people can see what is in front of the truck for safe passing. 



Will an HHO Kit Burn Out My Alternator Or Battery?

One of the concerns many newcomers to hho technology have is what kind of a strain an on demand hydrogen kit may put on their car or trucks alternator and battery. You would be surprised it is not as much as you may think!

The Alternator

Most people do not know this, but a standard car alternator is a very efficient electrical generator that creates 24-48 volts AC, in three phase operation. What does all that mean to you? Well, three phase is a special type of winding that is much more efficient than a single phase - it allows a much stronger, cleaner power with less strain on your engine or alternator. Most car batteries only charge at about 13.5 - 14 volts to keep them topped off, so a typical alternator can easily handle 2 - 4 times that.

The important rating on your alternator is the current or "amperage" rating. most modern cars are rated much higher so that all the accessories can be run, like stereos, power amps, TV's, computers, Air Conditioning, etc., so they will normally be equipped with an alternator that powers up to 100-135 amps. But remember- an HHO kit like ours, only needs from 17 to 30 amps on average, so you generally have lots of extra juice to run it.

The rule of thumb ranges from 10 - 20% of your total rating for best results. So if you have a 100 amp alternator, keep the HHO generator adjusted to about 20 amps or so. Some like to upgrade to a high output alternator, which gives them 200-300 amps of power. You get even more efficiency with those because you are using a smaller portion of the power available, and putting less strain on the engine while doing it. But usually, what comes with the car is plenty sufficient, unless it is from 1960's where the alternators only put out 35 amps. Then you definitely need to upgrade!

The Battery

Contrary to some peoples belief, the hho generator kits do NOT operate directly from the alternator. Rather, they are hooked up to the battery. This allows a "chemical buffer" if you will, and keeps the hho kit form putting too much direct strain on the alternator, which only has to keep the battery topped off, not directly drive the hho generator. Believe me- we have tried every configuration over the years and direct to battery is always better.

So dont fret about your electrical system when using a good quality HHO kit like we sell. In 7 years, we have never had a battery burn up, or an alternator go bad as a result of our kits, as long as they are installed and maintained as we recommend.

You can check our hho kits here to see more information on the different sizes we carry: http://www.hhokitsdirect.com/collections/hho-generators

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Does Your HHO kit work on both Gas and Diesel engines?

This is another commonly asked question we get quite often when people are just finding out about hho and the on demand hydrogen world. 

The short answer is - Yes!

The long answer: Because our kits create a unique form of hydrogen-oxygen gas, (which is very energetic, and very combustible when ignited inside an engine), the HHO gas will work on any working engine that burns hydrocarbon fuel already. So it will work in all engines currently using gasoline (petrol), diesel, bio-diesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).

One of our customers driving an LPG conversion Lorry in the UK, got a 50% increase in mileage when he added our hho kit to his vehicle!

If you have an newer vehicle using gasoline, you need an efie/maf tuner for the electronics, which you can see here: http://www.hhokitsdirect.com/collections/all/products/efie-maf-advanced-gas-tuner-for-hho-kits

If your newer vehicle uses diesel or bio-diesel, You will need the Diesel tuner here: http://www.hhokitsdirect.com/collections/all/products/advanced-diesel-tuners-for-hho

If your car is older and still uses a carburetor, or mechanically controlled diesel pump, then the hho kits work fine without tuner chips at all. 

If you still need help- feel free to email us through the contact form on our site, or with Live Chat during normal business hours (MON-FRI; 9 am - 5 pm)

Can You Explain In Simple Terms How HHO kits Work?

This is a common question to people just finding out about HHO gas and the technology behind it.

Here's a quick summary:

Hydrogen Generators, like the type we sell here, are based on the patented discoveries of a William Rhodes and Yull Brown. Both men developed a special type of "Single Cell" electrolyzer that extracted hydrogen and oxygen out of water, but unlike the common practice of separating the two gases, they realized you could actually allow them to combine into one, energetic, very combustible gas.

This gas is created "On Demand", only when engine is running. Nothing is compressed or stored anywhere - it is used immediately as it is made, making it quite safe. The gas is filtered and injected into the air intake of the car, where it is drawn in with the regular air and fuel of the vehicle. It then acts as a "Combustion Catalyst" causing the fuel to burn more quickly and completely. This results in a more efficient engine cycle, reduces emissions, adds pep to the accelerator, and increases the mileage on average from 20-50%. Most of the general public have still never heard of it and are surprised upon its discovery. To read the full explanation go here.

How do I know the right size HHO generator for my car?

This is a very common question that we get every day. We make 4 different sizes to make the choice easier. General rule of thumb to choose the right size HHO kit, is based on engine size.

  • If your engine is a 3 or 4 cylinder, under 2.2 liters, use the 881 HHO kit.
  • If yours is a 6 cylinder up to about 4.6 liters, use the 882 kit (our most popular size)
  • If you have an 8 cylinder up to about 7.6 liters, the 883 is the correct kit
  • The 884 is for everything larger.

Exception to the Rules:

There is some flexibility in the choice. We have found you Can upgrade one size, but not not two. SO if you have a small 4 cylinder engine for instance, and you want to add a larger hho generator, you CAN upgrade one size to an 882 (if you have the room and the budget), for a bit better results. But any larger, you wont see any extra advantage. 

If your car has a Turbo or a supercharger, you are packing as lot more air in the engine, so we find it best to upgrade to the next size hho kit.

CAN'T DECIDE? Here's a Trick You Can Do With Our HHO Generators.

Our 883 hho generator with 3 individual cellsOur HHO Generators are completely unique compared to any other systems sold today. Each cell is individual and separate from the next one. Why does that matter?

Well. look at the 883 pictured here. There are Three cell stacks and four electrode connection terminals. Each stack is separate and individual from the next one. The water flows into the bottom hose barbs, and the saturated gas rises up out of the top ones.

But here is what sets our units apart from others: By disconnecting the power to any one of those terminal connectors, that cell stack stops working, but the other ones continue like nothing happened!

Let's say you have a 6 cylinder car or van, and are thinking at some point you want to buy a bigger vehicle. You have room for the 883, and decide to get it, and just leave one of the outside terminals disconnected until later. You fire it up and it works just like an 882! Maybe you are hauling heavy equipment or a trailer, so you hook it up when you are hauling and unhook it later. 


You Cannot do that with a normal dry cell - because the water flows through all the cells. But you CAN do it with ours- now you can customize and custom tune your HHO kit for optimal gains and power.

If you still have questions about how to choose the right size- ask our live chat operator, email, or call during normal business hours, Mon-Fri; 8am-4 pm.

June 06, 2015


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We Are LIVE!

After months of long hours and hard work, our new responsive website is up and running. We began the transition Friday afternoon, and will be continuing to work out the bugs over the next few days. A responsive site allows it to automatically adjust to your smart phone, tablet or desktop, making it very convenient for our growing customer base that use them!

We are aware of a few things that need attention, that's normal with a full reworking of a new website design for our HHO kits. Please be patient with us as we get things fixed. Our emails support over the weekend is going to be very spotty as we are focusing on all the final details.

You can begin to order kits and parts if you want- the checkout process is fully operational. But tech support on answering questions is choppy until transition is complete.

You can access our site now in 100 foreign languages - just choose your preference at the top and it will automatically translate for you!

Browse through, let us know what you think! If you have any questions, email us, but understand it may be a few days or a few hours. Depends on our speed in getting things done;)

We'd love your help sharing our site! If you like what you see, please share us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! Our plan is for lots of new instructional videos this year- so subscribe to our youtube channel if you'd like.

Thanks everyone for your support! And many thanks to our loyal customers throughout these last 6 years - your support has allowed us to press into this niche with a high level of advancement and professionalism.


Bob Volk, CEO
Transitional Technologies, LLC

Finally set up a new YouTube channel

After years of hosting on another channel due to youtube problems years ago, we have finally started our own channel and uploaded some of our most popular videos using our 77 series hho kits. We will be uploading new videos in the near future with our 800 series hho generator kits

You can see it here if interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMgEDWPjlH1JIb_qRmfkKg/feed

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