What is An EFIE and Do I Need One With My HHO Kit?

This question is one of the most argued points when it comes to HHO generator kits on vehicles, so I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and address the issue.

What Is An EFIE?

An EFIE stands for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer, and it was really invented back many years ago by a man named George Wiseman, who then shared it with the world to use as necessary to help cars with fuel injection work well with HHO boosters. The file was quickly shared all over the internet and became the standard for most EFIE's still in use today, though they have been vastly improved, and operate smarter (like in our advanced EFIE designs).

Why Are They Needed?

The tuner circuits were invented as a response to the advancement in car computer enhancement, and the advent of throttle body Injection (TBI), and Fuel Injection Rails to inject metered amounts of fuel into a cars engine. They solved a huge amount of problems that commonly occurred with carburetors, such as hard starting, vapor lock, stalling, rough idle, etc. 

The fuel injector contains a small valve that opens and closes rapidly to allow a fast, fine mist of gasoline or diesel to be injected into the combustion chamber of the engine at the perfect time, in the perfect amount, based on the circumstances of the car engine (ie: the car may be idling, accelerating, decelerating, going uphill, towing a trailer, etc), and each circumstance requires a different response from the injectors to vary the fuel properly. The programming used to determine these conditions is put together in a series of "Fuel Maps", that have pre-designated timing sequences for the injectors.

What Does This Have To Do With An EFIE?

The injectors are actually an incredible invention. Think of them as a miniature high pressure spray gun, that not only opens and closes in micro seconds, but with the computer programming, they are told to pulse faster or slower, and stay open faster or slower depending.

So what determines their pulse rate and timing? The computer programming. But how does the computer know what to tell the injectors? Only ONE way...through the engine sensors. The computer has No Other Way of knowing the condition of the engine. Without the sensors, it would be like a blind man trying to run a race in a country he had never been, having no idea what is around the next corner. 

THAT is where the EFIE comes into play!

Stay tuned for Part Two where I will get into the sensors of the engine that control, and how the EFIE affects them, and why they are necessary for long term gains when using an HHO kit


Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed

December 19, 2015

Regards sir kindly guide me about efi tuner I really need it .And I really need some advice please send me some comments. I will be thankful to you.

Augusto Cesar Guimarães
Augusto Cesar Guimarães

October 21, 2015

Brasil-Portuguese. Meu automóvel é um Citroen Berlingo 1.8, 8V (engine model XU7 JB / LFX), ano de fabricação 2001. Perguntas: 1) Meu motor funciona com gasolina ou gás natural de petróleo, tenho aparelho instalado para a conversão entre os dois combustíveis a escolher. Quando funciona com o gás natural de petróleo ocorrem ocasionalmente explosões no tubo de admissão, o que já ocasionou rachaduras (o coletor de admissão é feito de plástico). Com o HHO existe essa possibilidade de ocorrer explosões no tubo de admissão? 2) Assisti os vídeos de instalação do seu produto que mostra as partes que contém no kit. Na parte dos elétricos mostra uma pequena tela digital de cristal líquido. Gostaria de saber qual a função dessa tela digital de cristal líquido. 3) É necessário corrigir a injeção eletrônica com chip? O seu produto vem com o chip adequado pare cada tipo de motor? 4) É possível um comando para ligar e desligar o gerador com um switch para cortar a energia? 5) Quantos amperes consome o gerador? 6) Causa muito aquecimento? 7) Quantas placas tem o gerador “881”? 8) Qual o material utilizado nas placas? 9) Tem algum teste realizado com esse modelo de motor (engine model XU7 JB / LFX) e quais os resultados? Finalmente, gostei muito do seu produto, desing bonito, compacto, funcional e parece eficiente. Parabéns pelo desenvolvimento e pelo site page que é muito bem explicado. Aguardo as respostas para as perguntas. Desde já, muito obrigado.

John Hulleman
John Hulleman

July 30, 2015

I was hoping you could give your readers more detail on the efie, and tuners, I don’t feel that
the hho gen. is complete without the pro tuner. Today many people own the newer cars and trucks. You as the manufacture of the hho gen. and promtor of the efie and pro tuner should be able to advise where one would start the setting on the tuner? Would love to hear more on the
efie and the tuners. Yours Truly John

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