Free PWM for your HHO kit

It's been a brutal winter for many here in the United States. With the brutal weather comes the danger of the water freezing in your reservoir, which voids the warranty. To prevent freezing of your HHO kit, it is important to ensure it has sufficient electrolyte in the system.

In fact, with proper levels and concentration, you can use your kit all year round in most areas. However, when you add higher levels of electrolyte, your kit will quickly overheat and blow the fuse. This is because electrolyte is what allows the current to flow in your HHO generator (without it, the water would act like an insulator). The more electrolyte, the more current. Too much electrolyte, and it would act like a dead short - blowing the fuse instantly, unless you control it.

That's the reason for the PWM (Pulse Width Modulator), which simply allows you to control the amps from 0 up to 40 amps (ours typically work best in the 25-28 amp range). 

For a limited time, we are including a FREE PWM in every complete kit!

No need to enter a code or anything- just purchase the kit before the sale ends, and we will automatically add it to your kit!

Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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