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Now you can get our 8 day email Expert Course on HHO in ONE Book

If you are thinking of signing up for the 8 day Expert Course on Hydrogen and HHO kits, but want to speed up your learning curve, we have now compiled it into a 32 Page book, added tons of photos, a full extra chapter, and lots of internal links to make it east to find what you are learning about!

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How To Build Your Own HHO Generator?

Have you wanted to know the inside secrets on how to build your own HHO Generator?Have you wanted a deeper understanding of how hho works and how it is installed? Get our Top Seller sold around the world for over 8 years, and get it here now at HALF PRICE!

Many of our customers are not aware that we began this venture in 2008 when we debuted our first book online that taught people how to Build Their Own HHO Generator and install it in their vehicle. There were only a few poorly written books back then, so I took 3 months and put this together for those that were handy with their hands and wanted to build their own. 

In fact, in the beginning, I didn't even believe the technology worked. There were varied results, lots of experts and naysayers claiming it couldn't work. I decided it was worth my time to test it. The first endeavor was a simple wet cell, made from parts available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and online. I put it into a work vehicle I owned (2008 3/4 ton Chevy Express Van), and amazingly went from 10 mpg to 14 mpg (a 40% increase!). Needless to say this blew me away. It was saving me over $250 a month in fuel out of a $600 a month bill, using .99 cents in distilled water.

I wrote this ebook to teach others the basics on hydrogen technology, why it works, and how to build and install one in your vehicle. It quickly became a Best Seller on Clickbank at $67 (with 7 bonus books included), and won us a Top Vendor Award in 2009, and Premier Vendor Award in 2010. 

The thousands of people buying the book were enthusiastic and very complimentary to say the least. I began putting the profits into more research and development. In the meantime, dozens of readers kept emailing us asking if we would please build them one. I wasn't a manufacturer, just a fellow experimenter in the garage, and refused for months. But the non stop requests finally convinced me to start building a few by hand. They were crude, but better than any home made HHO Generators available at that time. I couldn't build them fast enough, so we hired help, and increased production.

One thing led to another, and we introduced the breakthrough Hybrid HHO Generator in 2009 to a sell out crowd which was soon copied by our competitors everywhere. Then two years ago we stepped up our game and invested $300,000 to introduce the most advanced HHO generator kits available in the world, which you see on our site now.

Many people still love downloading our original book that started the revolution. I have now placed it directly on our site for HALF PRICE of its long time running price of $67.
So if you are handy with your hands, have spare time and love to experiment, you will want this great primer. Get it for a limited time at half off here.


New You Tube Videos "How To Install an HHO Kit in your car" posted!

It took us some time but we finally have gotten around to making a full set of new instructional videos that give a concise and detailed record of how to install the generator, the reservoir, the filter, wiring, hoses, amp gauges, PWM, EFIE, everything! 

Compared to what is out there, this is the most comprehensive series to date!

Check us out, and subscribe to the channel, and leave some comments if you like what we are doing!

You can find them here: How To Install an HHO Kit

Until later,

Can I mount the HHO kit in my trunk?

One of our blog post readers asked this question about their hho kit recently so I thought I would address this issue.

Can I Mount My HHO Kit farther away?

A Profile view of the 881 hho generatorOccasionally, no matter how one tries, they cant seem to find a place to mount their generator. This is far more rare now with our 800 series because they are half the thickness of our old units (and pretty much any unit available today with similar amounts of plates!) That is one reason we engineered them with the hose fittings at the top and bottom of the cell casings - shaved a LOT of room off the thickness and creates a better flow of water and hydrogen gas up through the plates inside, without needing any holes in the plates like a dry cell.You can see how skinny this profile is of the 881. It is literally the thickness of a mans hand on edge (1.5"). 

But even with all the improvements, some have trouble installing up front, so they want to know- can I put the hho kit in the back or in the trunk? Yes, but....


First- NEVER put it in the cab, or behind the drivers seat. It may look cool when it is making hydrogen and oxygen, but if there were an accident, you do NOT want electrolyte flying out all over you. Be safe. Keep it up front or in the trunk.


Be aware, that mounting a kit in the trunk, no matter how good the hho generator is, can casue it to not perform as well as being up close to the engine? Why? Because some of the gas has 10 or 12 feet to condense and recombine into water vapor before it gets drawn in the engine, and as the gas gets warm from use (common to operate at about 135 F)if there is cool air outside running along that tube, it Will condense even more, filling the low spots of the hose with water, which could eventually get sucked into your engine and cause it to stall.


So if you mount there- check and monitor the hose connecting the kit to the air intake, and drain any excess water periodically.


Ultimately - you are far better mounting in the front fender well area if you can. Check out our instructional videos on YouTube to see how we do it here! We are uploading a fully detailed series on How to install an hho kit in your car- maybe that will help!

Until later- Be Safe! Have Fun.