What makes your kits different than other Dry cells out there?

This is another commonly asked question that I answer frequently, so I thought an updated blog post would be appropriate.

Typical Dry Cell hho generators available today are essentially stainless steel plates with small holes in the top and bottom for water to flow through, separated by neoprene gaskets, and compressed together by end plates and through bolts. The end plates have threaded fittings for water to flow in and gas to flow out.

While dry cell hho kits have become popular because anyone with a kitchen table can put them together and sell them for a profit, there are many design features that we felt needed major improvement to progress from a science experiment in the garage, to a professionally manufactured kit anyone would be proud to show off.

best hho kit available todayOur current 800 series is our fourth generation of HHO kits. We invested $300,000 in dies, molds, equipment, and inventory; and 2 years of development time to come up with this advanced
hho kit design
. No one has even come close to being that serious, and most just sell a typical, non innovative dry cell hho generator, like everyone else.

We started from scratch. We threw out the book and redesigned from the ground up. We knew from our customers that leaks were a major issue. Leaks between the gaskets, leaks from the hose fittings are the most common failure, and arise from the "thermal cycling" that occurs when hho generators are turned on and off. A typical hho cell will operate at 130 degrees F, then cool down to ambient temps. That cycling can cause the steel plates, and the neoprene rubber gaskets to expand and contract at different rates, resulting in failure and leaks over time. The hose fittings screwed into the end plates are notorious for this as well, for the same reason.

We decided to eliminate those weak points. First we engineered a unique hho cell casing with hose fittings molded in (not an easy task!). This eliminated the fittings leakage and made our kits half the thickness of all other kits (making it much easier to install in tight locations). Then we engineered special injection molded cell casings and electrode casings with matching grooves for our triple redundant O-ring gaskets. That way, all sealing surfaces are of the same high temp plastic - no differences in thermal expansion, and no leaks. No one has this feature, and it was extremely difficult to overcome the many challenges to make it work - literally hundreds and hundreds of tests and application procedures.

Additionally, instead of drilling holes into the plates inside (which can cause a current leak from the edges), we encapsulate the internal plates in a special retaining ring that seals 100% of the edges, and gives the best efficiency possible. No dry cell can boast that. 

What we have engineered is a unique and ultra compact hho generator kit that utilizes design features no one else has, and gives you the most  on the market today. 



Robert Volk
Robert Volk


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October 14, 2016

I live in Australia & I’ve have an Interest in Obtaining Something like this for my Ford Falcon in Australia, …. Do you Supply KITS for Australia?, …. If so What is the POSTAGE to Australia? …. How efficient is your KITS because I’ve seen some impressive results with Dry Cells & some Very Poor Ones & to be honest your Kit seems rather Small? …. How Many CELLS Does Your KIT Have?

Robert Volk
Robert Volk

September 15, 2016

Sorry- we export kits but do not send out the parts. If you want to negotiate a license to import our assembled kits, we do that, but we do not export the parts for assembly elsewhere.

Luthria Girdhari
Luthria Girdhari

September 06, 2016

We are members of the Lions Clubs International. Use of HHO Kits is not popular in India as yet. Our Mission is “Save Nature Save Future”. Keeping that in mind we would like to have your cooperation. Can you supply us details so that we import your kits and assemble them in Mumbai, India. The Government is giving incentives for Make in India products. You can understand India is a vast market. Please give price structure for various size cars.

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