Power Pack Cleaner/Activator for HHO Generators

Sometimes a hydrogen generator gets a build up on one side of the plates (internally) after a lot of use. If you notice your kit performance has dropped or it is not producing as much HHO gas as it used to, then it might be time for a cleaning. In the past, this meant pulling the generator out, disassembling it, and hand cleaning the plates; but no more!

Use our Power Pack to revive your HHO kit to run like new. Just drain, soak and flush the system with fresh water.

After you drain your Generator and clean it, you want to flush with  tap water and fill it back up with a fresh mix of Activator (electrolyte). So we put together this companion pack of ECO-CLEANER and 1 pound of ACTIVATOR in a money saving Power Pack!

Make your generator run like new! Get this Spring Cleaning Pack and be up and running in as little as an hour!

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