How To Build Your Own HHO gas generator kit and Install It

How To Build and Install Your Own HHO Generator Plus Bonus Books

Do you want to save money on fuel? Are you handy with your hands, have basic tools, and want to build your own hho generator from parts found online or at your local hardware stores? Have you heard of hydrogen technology but would like to know more information on how it works, how to build one and how to install it in your car, truck or van? Then this is the manual for you, covering all those basics and more.

This is our best selling manual, which we debuted in 2008. After its release it was reviewed and picked up by top affiliates, where it quickly rose to the top as a quality detailed manual which teaches not only the basics of electrolysis, but also how to construct your own "On Demand" hydrogen generator and install it in a vehicle to save fuel. It has been downloaded all over the world and has helped drive this new industry to more popularity these last 8 years.

It received two awards in Clickbank:

"TOP VENDOR" AWARD Clickbank; 2009


You can purchase the Manual, and all 7 bonuses below for download (no hard print copies). Once you purchase, you will be able to instantly download all Books and bonuses.

The 7 Bonus Booklets include:

high mileage carburetors book  Secrets of High Mileage Carburetors

Stan Meyer - Water car builder  Stan Meyer- Inventor of the Water Car

The Joe Cell  The Joe Cell

Four easy to Build HHO projects  4 Fun Easy Build Projects

PLUS: A FREE Fuel Economy Log and a Mileage Calculator!
(Our downloadable books are no longer available for refund)

NOTE: CHOOSE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS-no shipping at checkout. Manual will be available for immediate download upon purchase. (No refunds for digital books)



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