One of the most advanced PWM's available today. This CCPWM (Constant Current PWM) comes with a robust 50 amp PWM and connectors, as well as an LCD Display/Controller which easily connects to the PWM with a simple CAT5 network cable. The advanced features of these devices will make it the most preferred and advanced method of controlling quality HHO systems, making setup, and control as easy as it has ever been.

Here is a list of the advanced features:

  • On/Off Switch- a physical Master switch for the whole system. Also can be controlled by the software in the controller
  • Safety Shut off - A vital safety feature! This system has 2 methods to detect when the engine isn't running, and shuts itself down automatically. This trigger wire should be run from the fuel pump relay or similar circuit.
  • Float Switch - You can now add a float switch to your reservoir and this controller will alert you when the water is getting low!
  • Voltage Sensing - You can choose to add this as a second safety protocol, by setting minimum/maximum battery voltages. If the batteries get too low for any reason, the system will shut down the hho generator.
  • PWM - Powerful constant current pulse width modulator that you set once and forget about it. No more adjusting manually when its cold or hot or if you drive for long periods.
  • Constant Current Function - You set it to the current you desire at set up. After that, the software slowly takes it up to that level, then maintains it automatically. No more current runaway.
  • Remote LCD Display - This is the best part. Install your PWM close to the generator or batteries, then connect top this controller using an easy to hook up CAT5 network cable. Easy to always see the voltage, amperage, frequency, and duty cycle, so you know the condition of your kit at all times.
  • 12 volts out feature - for powering your EFIE

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