40 AMP PWM power controller for HHO kits

For an inexpensive PWM to control power to your HHO kit- these are a great solution. If you have one of our kits, you can use these with the Digital AMP Gauge we include, so you can monitor precise current control of your hho generator.

This is a completely assembled 40 amp PWM with 6 power MOSFETS inside to divide up the power to keep it from overheating, so a fan is not needed. That allows a very nice compact box that is easy to install and hook up. These are nice units and come with ventilation slots cut into the sides to allow air to be drawn up and over the cooling heat sinks.

They come with a single dial for current control, 6 individual mosfets and heat sinks inside. Operates from 12 volts up to 30 volts DC. It has 4 connections inside the box at the back, making installation simple. Two of the screws are for POWER IN from the battery, and the other two are POWER OUT to the HHO generator.

TO HOOK UP: Simply unscrew the terminal connector, strip 3/8" insulation off the wire, slip it in under the clamp, and tighten the screw. 

WHAT DOES IT DO? The  PWM  has become the new standard of current control for advanced HHO Kit enthusiasts. Rather than just straight current flowing into your generator (Brute Force), these PWM boards control a "Pulsed Current" by pulsing off and on rapidly. Some pulse at a fixed frequency, and have adjustable current. Others allow both current and frequency to be controlled. Some argue that the frequency is critical, but we have found no evidence that it makes any difference in all of our testing.

There is a definite advantage though, to using a Pulse Width Modulator to more precisely control the current to your HHO kit. You may find that best mileage is at 17 amps, or 22, or 25...etc. Having that extra control makes it nicer for dialing in your HHO generator to the perfect setting.

DO I NEED ONE? The HHO kits we sell will operate with or without a PWM power controller, but they do offer more precise tuning of your hho generator which can allow for best mileage and performance gains. 

However, You should definitely use a PWM for your HHO kit if you live in frigid climates or areas of extreme freezing area. By increasing the electrolyte concentration and controlling current with a good PWM, you can prevent freezing to - 40 degrees Fahrenheit! We show you how to set up properly in our installation kit manuals.



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 What If The HHO Kit Doesn't Fit My Car - Can I Return It?

Yes, you can return the kit for a full refund within 30 days of receipt if you find it doesn't fit your car. Just email our support staff to get an RMA # to return it for a full refund (less shipping).

Is there any kind of guarantee that comes with my HHO Kit?

Yes there is a full Five Year Warranty (800 Series) on our hho generators, and a 30 Day return policy on our kits and accessories.

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