HHO Gas Conversion Kits

With fluctuating gas prices for fuel (gasoline or diesel), people are searching for a way to save money on their vehicle without having to buy a new hybrid or electric vehicle.

Up until recently, the only way to help offset some of the costs (and simultaneously reduce the emissions), was by introducing an alternative fuel through gas conversion kits such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), or LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). These helped by making vehicles run cleaner on a much cheaper fuel, but the cleaner fuels also reduced horsepower and acceleration.

But in recent years, a new kind of fuel saver appeared on the market; one that provided a clean fuel, but also gave more power and better mileage as well. The kits were relatively inexpensive and used a very clean gas that was created from a very convenient source: water. The gas was a unique form of electrolyzed water- rather than the traditional method of separating hydrogen and oxygen molecules out of water, this new form of gas saver used a unique form that was actually a blend of both hydrogen and oxygen, called Brown s gas (after the discoverer), and now known more commonly as HHO gas.

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The hho conversion kits quickly became a national and international passion thanks largely to the internet. HHO kits could be found for as cheap as $25 all the way up to $14,000 for a commercial grade hho generator system.

Very quickly experimenters around the world began developing their own brand of kits for people looking to try hho gas conversions. Some were very high quality but most were very poorly made and brought a bad reputation to the industry. Most developers were garage mechanics or kitchen table experimenters and had no desire to develop their new toys into a robust, manufactured gas conversion kit.

Thankfully, a few Entrepreneurs continued to research and develop better and better kits, built to handle the rigors of the road and the harsh environments a conversion kit would be subjected to. They came up with robust hho generators, full installation kits, and even advanced electronic controls for modern cars.

The technology has continued to develop to the present day with quality hho conversion kits now available around the world. Unlike LPG or CNG kits, an hho gas conversion kit does not result in the loss of power, and they reap the benefit of extended mileage that comes from utilizing an alternative fuel to properly combust the existing fossil fuels.

When choosing a proper brand of hho kit, make sure you check the quality of the product, the warranty, the technical support available, and especially the testimonials or claims. Stay away from companies with generic claims with no details- many of those are just inserted by the webmaster or programmer. Also, check to see if they are an actual business in a building, or just a part time garage operation. Lastly- if the hho conversion kit you are looking into is significantly cheaper than all the rest, be very careful. A quality kit will cost more because it is made from higher quality materials. The adage  You get what you pay for is never truer, than when considering an hho gas conversion kit for your car.

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You can read more about this on our "how-does-this-hho-work" page as well...