Can HHO HELP you? Is it really possible to get better mileage out of the same tank of gas using water? Can it Really drop emissions? You BET...read more here to understand this technology

The most advanced HHO kit available

Our HHO kits are more advanced than any kit available anywhere in the world today.

COMPARE: We use a molded 3D gasket; our Triple Redundant O-Ring, for superior sealing against leaks (compared to crushed flat gaskets and steel plates). Our Hose nozzles are molded into our cell casings preventing all leaks from the threaded fittings that our competitors use;  and because they are on the top and bottom instead of the end caps, our hho generators are HALF the thickness, making them much easier to fit into tight places - saving you time!

Our electrodes are molded into the high temp plastic using proprietary techniques that took many months to develop. This allows our electrodes, end plates and cell casings to "Mate" perfectly, and provides the perfect seal using our custom gaskets. 


That's why we are confident to now offer a Lifetime warranty on all our HHO generators!


Complete HHO kits with hho generator, hoses, wires, connectors, mounting brackets, and electrolyte

 All of our advanced HHO Kits include the fully assembled 800 series Generator with its Lifetime Warranty; The reservoir, filter, electronics, wires, hoses, connectors, etc. Everything needed to install and run the kit on your vehicle.



"I Purchased an HHO Kit from you back in March 2011, installed it into a 1988 Holden Commodore with a V6 3.8 litre GM motor...I replaced the standard spark plugs for "Brisk Premium" plugs... running sweet since. Averaged around 6 to 7 litres per 100 km down from around 15. The price of fuel (92 octane) yesterday was $1.53 per litre. Do the math!"

"We just completed our first test on the H2 Hummer. We are proud to report that our first test is complete and we ran 567 miles and we got 19.6 MPG exactly (up from 7-9 mpg). We are unaware of any H2 getting better MPG. No failures and no warning lights. Woo Hoo. We'll test more and keep you posted." - Rick

" Hi Bob,just returned from my trip to Calgary and area.I did 1548.55 miles and used 42.1 gallons of gas,in my reckoning I got 36.78 mpg (up from 22 mpg). I am very happy with the result.As you know most of the trip was in the mountains climbing over 6000 feet at one point,even had the a/c on for part of the trip....Talk later- Roger Taylor"

Mileage Results Chart

If you research competitors sites, all you will see are a few generic or poorly detailed testimonials. We decided that the industry needed more comprehensive details so we asked our customers that emailed us, to verify and clarify. This chart is compiled from their information to us. To see the whole chart, Click Here:

HHO mileage results chart