NEW! - H2XTRME HHO KIT for MEDIUM size engines from 3.8 liters to 6.7 liters

Lifetime on all of our HHO Generators!
 Medium size H2XTRME HHO KIT for all engine sizes:
ranging from 3.8 LITERS TO 6.7 LITERS

This BRAND NEW Medium sized H2XTRME HHO Generator is the most advanced on demand hydrogen generator available today with so many internal innovations that we have filed new patents pending. The H2XTRME 882 series generator is designed for all MEDIUM TO LARGE sized Cars and Trucks with engines from 3.8 liters to 6.7 liters. Its 19 plate generator is only 4.5" thick and measures 8" wide x 7.75" high; comes with it's own custom mounting brackets and all the accessories needed to install and run the kit. The cutting edge welded plastic, heavy duty container, eliminates all gaskets, bolts, nuts, etc., greatly reducing areas of future leaks. Installation is faster thanks to only two electrical connections, with all the other internal electrical connections welded at the factory. The two bolts are permanently sealed with advanced Viton O-rings and military grade sealing nuts to prevent any leakage of gas or liquid. 

If you have a large 6 cylinder engine or an 8 cylinder engine up to 6.7 liters in your car or truck, this is the HHO kit for you. Comes with Generator, Reservoir, Filter, hose, wire, mounting brackets, and hardware needed to install and get it running fast.


  1. Kit With No Tuner: Use for Older Cars with carburetors (No Electronics)
  2. Kit With Gas Tuner: Use with Gas Cars 1987 and newer (Fuel Injection) *MOST cars use this one!
  3. Kit With Diesel Tuner: Use for ALL Diesels (With Electronic Control)
  4. Kit With Pro Series Tuner: Use for Advanced Results, Gas Only (Fuel Injection). Must Use a Scan Gauge reader or similar.
  5. Bare Generator: Upgrade your existing generator - no kit or other parts included.


Simply Install the kit using our Fully Illustrated Manual (available for download), Add Water and Activator, and start your engine. You will instantly see the hydrogen and oxygen gases traveling up the hoses from the hho generator, back into the water reservoir, then through the specially designed filter; before entering the air intake of your engine.


The Eco-friendly hydrogen-oxygen gases enter the engine along with the incoming air, and combust along with the normal gasoline or diesel fuel. The uber clean gases act as a "Combustion Catalyst" causing the fuel to burn faster and more complete, reducing emissions and increasing the efficiency of your engine. You can READ MORE to understand the technology better by "How Does This HHO Work?" 

New Advanced HHO Kit Technology!

  • Ultra Slim lightweight Design makes for Fast and Easy Installation
  • Top Quality 316L Stainless Steel Plates 
  • All Inclusive Kit has every screw, connector, etc saving you Time
  • Advanced Electronics give top results with average fuel savings of 20-50%
  • Pure Hydrogen and Oxygen increase engine efficiency and lowers emissions
  • HHO gas injection gives more responsive throttle and better acceleration
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL HHO Generators we make!!!
  • Our HHO kits breathe new life into old engines with carburetors or fuel injection
  • Our HHO generators work with Diesel, Gasoline (petrol), LPG, CNG, and Bio-fuel
  • No holes in plates or exposed edges in patent pending design =  greater efficiency
  • Chemically welded box ensures highly accurate parts and no leaks
  • We've eliminated ALL gaskets in this battery box style container for Superior Seals and no leaks
  • Only TWO Hose Connections for Faster connections and setup
  • Slim Compact Design = easy and fast to install
  • Compact Engineering results in Half the Weight of other hho generators
  • Ultra Slim Water Reservoir Fits where the competition can't = easier installation
  • Custom Dryer Filter cleans to 1 micron, and captures water vapor recycling it into the reservoir for greater efficiency; Pure Hydrogen = ultimate engine protection
  • Better Engineering internally results in less water usage and water stays cleaner

1. Can You Explain in Simple Terms How this Works?

 HHO Generators use electricity to separate hydrogen and oxygen gases out of water, when engine is running. Nothing is compressed or stored anywhere - it is used immediately as it is made, making it quite safe. The gas is filtered and injected into the air intake of the car, where it is drawn in along with the regular air and fuel of the vehicle. It then acts as a "Combustion Catalyst" causing the fuel to burn more quickly and completely. This results in a more efficient engine cycle, reduces emissions, adds pep to the accelerator, and increases the mileage on average from 20-50%. Most of the general public have still never heard of it and are surprised upon its discovery.

2. Do the instructions show me how to install everything? I am not a mechanic.

Yes, you receive a well illustrated manual (download and print). Our manuals are very clearly illustrated and can be understood even by the novice installer. You also get free tech support during the process. You do not have to be a mechanic or electrician to install our kits, but it does help if you are handy with your hands.

3. Will the HHO Generators work on both Fuel Injection and Carbureted engines?

Yes! Our HHO kits work on engines with carburetors, fuel injection, throttle body injection and work with both gasoline and diesel!

4. What if I have problems installing the kit or afterwards - is there any tech support?

Yes. You can contact us 24/7 via email; we will reply asap. If you still have trouble we can schedule a phone call to help you.



All orders over $100 within the U.S. qualify for FREE SHIPPING! Simply add the HHO kit of your choice to your cart and you will automatically get free shipping with FedEx Ground when you are in the contiguous U.S.! Orders to PO Box addresses, APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are fulfilled with USPS Parcel Post. After your order is processed, you will receive an email with confirmation of your purchase and address. Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 business days after the order is placed. Once it has shipped, you will be emailed the tracking number.

It generally takes 2 to 7 days after your order is processed to receive your kit or parts via FedEx Ground. Orders sent via USPS Priority usually take 2-3 days, USPS Parcel Post generally take 1-3 weeks on average, unless you opt for USPS International Express which is normally 3-5 days.

Canadian Orders:
We gladly ship to Canada but you will be expected to cover all brokerage and handling fees. Canada Post may also require a small import tax at your door.

International Orders (outside the US and Canada):
We ship to many countries outside the US and Canada, but do not currently ship to Iran, Afghanistan, or China. If you are unsure, please email us and ask. Overseas packages are always shipped via USPS International Priority (7-14 days but can take longer), or International Express which is guaranteed 3-5 days (but costs $25 per package additionally). Depending on country and kit selected, prices range from $49 to $125 on average. We do not use UPS or FEDEX for overseas shipments as they cost as much as $100 more than USPS. As with Canada, you will be expected to cover all brokerage and handling fees of your own country.

Third Party Freight

Occasionally we will have a customer attempt to purchase our kits and request a third party freight company of their choice. It is our company policy to NOT accept these type of orders. We only use our pre-approved postal and shipping companies, no exceptions.


 What If The HHO Kit Doesn't Fit My Car - Can I Return It?

Yes, you can return the kit for a full refund within 30 days of receipt if you find it doesn't fit your car. Just email our support staff to get an RMA # to return it for a full refund (less shipping).

Is there any kind of guarantee that comes with my HHO Kit?

Yes there is a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our H2XTRME Series hho generators, and a 30 Day return policy on our kits (if they are not installed) and accessories.

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