DUAL QUAD CORE commercial unit

Our newest DUAL QUAD CORE commercial unit has been successfully tested in buses, trucks, on large back up generators, etc. We continue to innovate this technologically advanced unit which is not just a car unit that is thrown in a box, like most sellers.

This DUAL QUAD CORE system uses TWO of our largest HHO generators (QUAD CORES with 4 cells inside), custom manifolds, 2.5 gallon reservoir (14 liters to fill the whole system), 4 levels of filtration including a water filter, and VRC filter (vapor recovery), and 2 post filters (1 micron each). We include a high speed cooling fan that is thermostatically controlled to preset temps, so it never gets hot, and a float sensor that alerts when water is low and needs refilling. Options include a pressure sensor to indicate when filters need to be changed, and even a recirculating pump control that can be connected to a larger external tank.

All of this is installed on a welded, steel frame, mounted on vibration isolators designed for up to 6G downward impact and low to mid range road vibration.

It is pre-programmed with an advanced 100 amp Smart Controller with LED screen (that connects to the controller with a CAT5 or 6 cable network cable), and is mounted in the cab. Once unit is set up, the programming feature can be locked out so that only the installers can change it, but the drivers can see the important data such as voltage, current, duty cycle, temps, etc. 

We include our special diesel tuner with each kit as well to connect to the critical sensors for long term results.

The bus in the photos below is a diesel bus with EURO 5 engine (most efficient engine at the time of testing). That demo saw a 45% increase in mileage in the presence of 8 witnesses and fleet owners son who rode along for the entire testing cycle.  Potential $1.2 million per month savings in fuel on the fleet of 1000 buses.

The large Cummins 14 liter back up generator was smoking badly, idling rough. The engineer almost called off the test, but we insisted in trying at least, since we were all set up. Within 5 minutes the generator was running clear and smooth to the amazement of everyone. This was a DUAL QUAD CORE commercial unit wired for 110 volts.

NOTE: To expedite shipping, we remove the 4 filters/bracket, and put them in a second box with extra filters, 2 pounds of electrolyte, and misc. This lowers the shipping cost dramatically and allows UPS to ship them. It is easy to reconnect everything and we include a connection and installation guide.

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