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PWM (Pulse Width Modulators) For HHO Generators

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The PWM has become the new standard for current control for advanced HHO Kit enthusiasts. Rather than just straight current flowing into your generator, these PWM boards control current and the resulting heat that can sometimes be a problem, by pulsing off and on rapidly. Some pulse at a fixed frequency, with current adjustable. Others allow both current and frequency to be controlled like our Heavy Duty 30 amp and the monster 50 amp below.

That is a common question. If your HHO kit is cheaply made of acrylic or PVC that melts at 180-190 degrees F, then YES! If you don't control the current it will melt around the terminals and leak. Ours are designed to withstand even constant currents of 50 amps+ without damage. They don't need one to regulate current for protection like cheaper models.

YES! You should get one in Extreme Freezing Areas, because the electrolyte concentration can be increased with a good PWM preventing freezing to - 40 degrees F!


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30 AMP PWM Assembled in a Project Box!

Retail: $109.95  SALE: $97.00

We've had some recent requests to offer completely assembled PWM units so we found a supplier to build these nice units. They are built using the Heavy Duty 30 AMP PWM and come with a fan and dial controls for adjusting the current AND frequency (Actual product may vary from picture). Current boxes do NOT come with an additional on/off switch as shown in photo. They DO come with a single fan, dual mosfets and heat sinks and two controls for current (amperage) control and frequency. Size is approximately 3"W x 4-1/2"L x 2-1/2" H. Powered by 12 volts- can be set up for 24 volt by special order. each connection is split into 2 terminals for power in + and -, and power out to load + and - for a total of 8 terminals to divide up the current.

These are nice units and come with ventilation slots cut into the sides to allow air to be drawn up and over the cooling heat sinks. Holes are pre-drilled in the back for the wires and connectors to attach to the board inside.

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55 AMP Ultra Duty PWM (Assembled) For HHO Kits
Retail: $199.95  SALE: $169.95

The Mother of All PWM's! This monster puts out 55 Amps of Pulsed Current with 6 mosfets and a gigantic heat sink to pour as much power as you need into your hho kit. Comes with 2 fans and 2 dials.

Dual Control gives a wide range of experimentation by combining current control with frequency adjustments. This one goes from fixed 100 HZ to 4000 HZ! The manufacturer makes this one with 3 spade fittings per output/input so you have fully 12 connections which keeps heat down. You can split the wires going and out, or run 2 HHO generators. For Serious Hydrogen Experimenters!

This is a good one to use for a single or dual HHO generator set up. Measures approximately 5-1/2" W x 6"L x 2-1/2"H . Adjust current and frequency. Powered by 12 volts- can be set up for 24 volt by special order. each connection is split into 3 terminals for power in + and -, and power out to load + and - for a total of 12 terminals to divide up the current. Two fans keep everything cool. We use this one a lot in our shop for testing- a real workhorse!

Fully assembled and tested - NOT a kit! Comes pre-assembled in a good project box with two fans to pull heat away from heat sinks for longer life.

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