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Electrical Parts For HHO Generator Kits


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Hydrogen generator heavy duty relays Ultra Duty 80 AMP Solenoid Relay

Retail: $67.95   SALE: $59.95


Ultra Duty 80 Amp Relay Rated continuous duty for 12 volt systems. Solenoid activated, this workhorse can handle up to 2 HHO Generators pulling 30-35 Amps each. Don't settle for cheap ones you can buy at an auto parts store -they fail quickly under steady current draw. This is the one we use in our heavy duty installations of HHO kits. Unfortunately they have almost doubled in price since we first started recommending them...


70 amp relay for HHO generatorsHeavy Duty 70 AMP Relay


70 amp relay for hho kits



This 70 AMP Heavy Duty Relay kit for 12 volt systems is what we include in our Complete HHO Generator Kits. Most companies give you 30 amp relay with theirs, but I recommend using more robust units with an HHO kit. Since our HHO Generators can easily handle 35 amps and higher- we include a better quality relay like this one. Included in the kit is a mounting tab, a plug in base (which makes it easy to check or change out to another car), and 4 terminals that clip into the base. A great value for a heavy duty relay for HHO kits in a compact package.

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24 volt relay for HHO kitsHEAVY DUTY 50 AMP RELAY for 24 VOLT SYSTEMS


50 amp relay for HHO generators



This 50 AMP Heavy Duty Relay is specially made for 24 Volt Systems. You can use this on our Monster Mega-Brick HHO Generator, but not on the smaller ones. Works great for Big trucks and RV's that run on 24 volts instead of the usual 12 volts.

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heavy duty HHO fusesHigh Current Fuse Holder




Another Super Heavy Duty Product we use on our HHO kits and systems. The Fuse holder is waterproof and takes up to #8 wires. Handles up to 60 Amps with no trouble. Comes with 2 gold plated fuses rated at 40 amps. Uses common fuses available at any Audio store or Radio Shack, if you need a different rating. Perfect for high quality HHO Generators operating at 25-40 amps
. If your generator can't handle 40 amps, you may want to run 20 or 30 amp fuses instead. Whatever current you run at these fuses are easy to see, easy to change, and heavy duty enough to handle up to 60 amps with no problem.





Retail: $27.95 SALE: $21.95


We have decided to dump the old style analog dial gauges for these new 50 amp digital gauges that measure up to 50 amps at 12-28 volts DC.

These great 50 Amp gauges with BLUE LED display are compact and easy to read. They provide an easy way to track the current draw of your electrolyzer. Let's you know if electrolyte level is optimum. You should always use one in my opinion whether you mount under the hood or in the cab. Especially necessary necessary if you use a PWM so you don't overdrive it while operating your hho generator. Measurements of Gauge: 1-7/8" L x 1-1/8" H (cutout size slightly smaller)

Each amp gauge comes with its own shunt pictured above. You hook up the negative power cable of your hydrogen generator to the larger outer screws of the shunt, then connect the digital meter leads to the smaller inside screws, using small wires (easier to run into your drivers side of the car). Power it up with your relay so it only comes on when your kit is running.


on/off switch12 Volt Manual OFF/ON Switch


Retail: $8.95  SALE: $5.95



We always recommend adding a manual ON/OFF switch to your hydrogen generator system - gives you extra control over your HHO Gas production. If you want to maintain it with engine running or turn it off until you can put more water in- this gives you that ability. Use this 10 amp switch for our Heavy Duty Relays to easily switch the high current HHO generators off and on. You should always have a manual override switch like this.



battery connectors12 Volt Battery Connectors


Retail: $11.95  SALE: $8.95



Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a way to connect every thing into the battery when hooking up an HHO Kit. You can these great terminals with studs and wingnuts that can replace your existing ones and allow add ons like HHO gas generators easy to install.

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Note and Disclaimer: Hydrogen or Hydroxy gas and hydrogen cells are experimental technologies, results vary depending on application and success is not guaranteed.
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